he Syrian Civil Defense announced a 20% increase in women’s representation in its general assembly, In a statement, the Defense Ministry said the women’s centers are a basic pillar of its humanitarian work and its efforts to provide diverse services to all segments of Syrian society of all affiliations.

Women in Syria have fought a battle for nearly 11 years under difficult social and economic conditions, the defense said, noting that Syrian women have been leaders in education, leadership and generation-building.

The organization has around 33 women’s centers in Aleppo, Idlib, Rif Latakia and Rif Hama provinces, and employs about 260 female volunteers, which has helped build trust between female volunteers and communities and enabled them to better provide services, the statement said.

Female volunteers work in several areas, most notably health services and awareness-raising, as well as in rescue operations and helping civilians.

The statement said the Civil Defense Department continues to develop the skills of female volunteers in all fields and expand their work to other important areas needed by local communities.

Source – Enab Baladi