A Glimpse of Hope Organization in cooperation with MIDMAR institution in Idlib launched a workshop about constitution role in political empowerment framework in the society. To reach political educated society able to participate and to promote with reality. Especially in the next stage which will be full of political events.

The workshop included previous Syrian constitution-forming mechanisms starting from 1920, 1950 until 2012. And the amendments in rights, duties and the presidential authority. Along with constitution definition and types. Covering both written and non-written constitutions, solid and flexible constitutions discussion.

33 trainees mostly women attend the workshop. The conclusion of the workshop was a debate Between the audience. The debate discussed women role and participation in political life in general. And the next constitution forming in particular.

Barket Amal is a feminist civil society organization. Works in awareness raising and capacity building. And provides psychological support to the families of detainees mainly. And for society in general.

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