Woman Literary Association launched its first local activity. By holding a seminar in Mareet Al Numan, southern Idlib. To identify the association and the reasons for its establishment. The association established by a group of women writers. In order to access the literary products in liberated Northern Syria. To collect these products and organized it. Along with fostering new literal children’s talents and refined it.

Part of the meeting in Maaret AlNuman, Idlib

The seminar included a general discussion about the importance of this kind of literary cultural female formation. Besides the importance of taking advantage of literary writing freedom especially for women. As Ms. Reem Al Ahmed said – association chief.

Part of the meeting in Maaret AlNuman, Idlib

This association considered the first nucleus of its kind. During the challenges facing the Syrian women in literary writing even after revaluation. And limit her participation on specified literary topics. The association seeks to generalize the association to cover all Idlib province areas.

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