As part of their work in child protection. Hurras Network is conducting regular awareness campaigns for children.  Hurras Network launched “Every Day I’m Dreaming” campaign. The campaign aimed to raise awareness about the child’s rights in general. Such the right to get a name and nationality, the right to get a proper education, and decent living.  Also, because education is not only a human right it is a basic tool to achieve community development. The organization launched “Return to School” campaign. Targeted the students in conflict zones. The campaign aimed to return children to their normal life and safe environment and the ability to have a better future. Besides mobilizing governments and local societies and donors and partner organizations to establish permanent places for education or children friendly spaces. The purpose of these spaces is to achieve the psychological and social luxury for the children.

In my school, the water is not a problem. But world full of adventures

“Our campaigns aim to all the children to know their rights in international laws. Due to its role in their development and supporting them and achieve the psychological and social luxury”. Said Layla Haso Psychological support department officer at Hurras Network. She added “We use in our campaigns drawings and beautiful colors in a way the child interact with it in a better way and get the pleasure and the benefit. Therefore Hurras network focus during the crisis on rebuilding educational places. Besides and returning the children to the schools fast. And at the same time, we work on rebuilding the educational systems and hire qualified teachers and develop their abilities in dealing with hard psychological circumstances that the children are facing”.

In addition to these campaigns, the organization launched “bombs and unexploded mines” awareness campaign. Aimed to aware the children and the parents about the danger of unexploded land mines bombs from war waste. The organization worked to achieve that through educational, awareness, training, and social communication.

In my school I built shelling proof buildings

The Hurras Network founded in 2012  In Daraya, a city close to the capital Damascus. As an organization dedicated to providing psychosocial support and child protection. It endeavors to raise awareness of children’s rights and how to guard their interests in society.

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