This is what we know about the dreams and wishes man though the tv shows and cartoons, we were watching on TV. But we didn’t imagine that one day he will visit us and ask us about our dreams and to knock on our window and bring them all to us. It was only on TV.

This year he decided to visit us, in our cities and villages, he came, knocked our windows, no one opened, no one responded, no one even was there to see him. Is it us who grew old early, our is it him how came up late?

He was disappointed, he took his bag and on his way back, a young girl stopped him, and told him that the children in these villages were displaced from their homes and towns to the fields and she offered him to go with him to the camps. When he arrived he didn’t know what to feel, there are a lot of children here to make their dreams come true. When he asked them what are your dreams? What do you wish?

They wanted to feel warm. His heart was broken, no one asked for toys, no one ask for toy, they just wanted to be warm. He and a few young people tried what they can to bring some firewood. This was an initiative by Amena Team, besides some activities, aiming to help the children in the camps live some normal joyful time during the Christmas holidays.

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