I Am She Organization” concluded violence against women initiative. By organizing a  conference in Ihsem town in Idlib entitled “Say it out loud”. The initiative was launched in Northern Syria. Aimed to highlight and define violence types and its practices against women.

During the conference, the organizers presented the results of field research in Idlib suburbs areas. The research focused on the types of violence and deprivation. And discussed it to find a protection mechanism. Besides showing a documentary movie as well. The movie showed real stories from Idlib about abused women. These stories were collected during several sessions done by the organization earlier.  The conference attended by 35 women. According to Zakia Mahmoud – the organization coordinator in Idlib-.

“I Am She Organization” launched the initiative 5 months ago. And included sessions and workshops for women and young girls. To define violence. Along with interviews and survey collecting from different societies in the Syrian north.

“I Am She” is a civil non-governmental organization. Works to achieve an active role for women in political, cultural, and social life.

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