"Children of One World" organization incorporation with UNICEF launched the self-educational project, In Idlib city and its northern suburb. The Project targeted dropped out residents, and displaced student. These children lost stages of their educational process. Besides handicaps students. The project aims to close the gap between the student age and his\her educational level. Using UNICEF's curriculum.

The project started with a mobile "door to door" entertainment campaigns. To reach out to the largest number of students. especially the forced displaced ones. During this door to door visits. The team conducted meetings, and discussion groups with parents after registering their kids.

Children of one world1

"Children of One World" is a civil society organization helps, develops, and protects the child. Established in Aleppo city ends of 2012. Since the establishment. The organization opened Ten kindergarten centers in northern Syria. Include 2000 kids, besides providing child-friendly spaces centers.

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