A qualitative female presence in the elections of Sham Educational association board of directors. In Maarat AlNumaan, Idlib. Where the voters choose Ms. Najla Mumar as the board of director manager. And Ms. Mahasen Mustafa executive director. During the elections of the board of directors at Sham vocational education center. “The association administration election. Besides giving women their right and role. In a transparent and integrity atmosphere is a very important event’’ Najla Mumar.

The election supervised by Free Lawyers Association. And attended by the local council’s representatives in Maarat AlNumaan city. And a number of organizations and civil authorities. The two ladies got elected by the 180 association members. Along with other candidates to manage the association offices.

Sham center is a Syrian association founded in 2016. Aims to close part of the educational and cultural needs of society. In addition to empowering working women in society. Within the principles of community integration and networking.


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