Rehabilitating the Ariha city stadium and the women electronic library inside Abido school for girls. Were the results of the “Support Youth” project. The project launched by Olive Branch Organization in Ariha city southern Idlib.

The project started by targeting 16 boys and girls and train them on bits of knowledge. As raise self-confidence skills, project management, and communication. So at the end of these pieces of training, they will be able to suggest and launch two volunteer initiatives to serve the community in Ariha. And integrate youth into volunteer humanitarian work.

After finishing the training preparations. The participants distributed into two groups. Each group will list the priorities of the initiatives presented. During several discussion and evaluation sessions. To agree at the end on an initiative “Ariha stadium repair” and  “create women electronic library”. Aimed to raise the educational and academicals level for women.

After the first evaluation rounds of the two initiatives. Which carried out by the organization team with a number of volunteers. came the signing of memoranda of understanding with the local council in Ariha. And the administration of the stadium and Abido School. The two initiatives were fully implemented within two working months. With all equipment and preparations for both projects.

“What the organization is doing within youth support project. Its goal is to highlight on volunteer youth work in society and try to integrate youth into active voluntary humanitarian action.” Muhanad Zakour- project coordinator in Olive branch organization.

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