It was not surprising that the movie “For Sama” by the Syria Director Waad Alkateab will be on Oscar’s final nomination list, came as no surprise to those who watched the movie and examined its details, with simple capabilities and equipment, and during the most difficult conditions, Waad was able to shoot, produce and direct her first documentary film “For Sama” with the director Edward Watts.

The film participated in many festivals and won a recognizable number of international awards, which so far has reached more than 50, the most famous of which was the Golden Eye Award at the Cannes Film Festival in its seventy-second session.

Throughout the movie, Waad tells her personal story, as she appears  in front of the mirror or at other times as she puts the camera and depicts herself, while she narrates with her voice throughout the film every event and everything happened and express through it the here and her husband Hamza alkhateab feelings. Hamza who was in Aleppo a doctor and the manager of Alquds Hospital, which was bombed by Russian aircraft in April 2016.

The film is For Sama, Sama is the first child of Waad and Hamza, who were born in the most dangerous place during the hardest possible conditions Aleppo.

Waad says during the movie, “Sama.. I have made this movie for you,

I want you to understand, what we were fighting for, ”which means that it is a documentary documenting what happened in the city between 2011 and 2016 when at the end of 2016 thousands of civilians were displaced from their homes in Easter Aleppo after the regime and the Russians committed many crimes and massacres against the civilians there. She recounts the events as they are to document the experience, to fight the propaganda run by the Syrian regime and its allies, Russia and Iran, and save the Syrian oral memory from any distortion.

It should be noted that “For Sama” reached the final list of five films in the category of documentary films along with four other films, including “The Cave”, which depicted the life of the Syrian doctor Amani Balour in Eastern Ghouta and worked in a hospital there.

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