In mid of 2018 Kesh Malek Organization launched Youth Citizens' Club (YCC) In Ourem, Kafarnaha, and Abzemo towns in Aleppo. Kesh Malek Organization aimed to give the opportunity for the youth to contribute to developing their societies. As Kesh Malek believes that the youth are Syria's future.

Youth Citizens' Club at Kesh Malek Remarkable Resaults in Short Time4

After a few months of starting Youth Citizen's Club campaigns. And after series of meeting with all stakeholders in Kafarnaha, Aleppo. YCCs members held a meeting in A Country’s Identity center. The Meeting attended by Provincial council representatives, Women office director, free Police, educational compound, teachers and parents in Kafrnaha, besides families’ representatives in the town. The meeting discussed the problem of preventing girls from education. YCC’s members raised all the outstanding problems. After discussing these problems and trying to put forward appropriate solutions. The meeting achieved several outputs: First, cooperation between all attendees to return drooped out girls to school. Second, secure a suitable building to be a school for girls. Third, the elders of the town who attended the meeting will work on getting the daughters of their relatives back to school. Fourth, the education compound representative vowed to send enough teachers as soon as a number of girls are completed. And a group of teachers in the town will volunteer to cover the shortfall until the number is complete. And finally, Free police will put mobile patrols on the roads as students go back from school to prevent harassment and kidnapping. which gives reassurance to the people.

Youth Citizens' Club at Kesh Malek Remarkable Resaults in Short Time1

We have noticed that this meeting had a positive effect in the town. It appeared from the interaction during the meeting. And the elders responded positively. By urging people to return their daughters to schools by visiting them and even through social networking.

Youth Citizens' Club at Kesh Malek Remarkable Resaults in Short Time7

On the other hand, in Orem after a series of meeting and awareness session. The YCC created a good relationship with the local council and free police in Orem. The president of Local council in Orem said. "The advocacy campaigns idea in Orem was very precious. And speared widely in the town. We as a local council are ready to support the YCC’s team and corporate in the future in such as campaigns”. Also, the head of the police center added. "Some of the young people who got married early suffering from a bad financial situation. And that reflects on their behavior so, some of them resort to theft to secure his family demands."  The YCC’s members also have a good Impression of the campaigns and the main idea of the YCC. Mohamad is A member in Abzemo YCC said "before I joined the YCC, I was very shy and afraid of talking in public. I didn't have the opportunity to express and to share my opinion in any place starting from my house to the school. After I became a YCC member and received the training and had the opportunity. I conducted an awareness session in the local council in Abzemo and the participants were local council members and people in Abzemo."

Youth Citizens' Club at Kesh Malek Remarkable Resaults in Short Time2

Some of YCC members are dreaming to complete their study and become leaders in their communities. Fatma from Abzemo said “I always dream about completing my undergraduate study and become a lawyer. I heard about Kesh Malek YCC and was from the first members in YCC. Also participated in training and workshops. I felt like I have a mission to do in the YCC. My mission was to raise the women and young girls’ voices in Abzemo. To get them aware about the problem that the women are facing in our town including the early marriage. I couldn’t complete my education due to our financial situation. After the training and the experience, I got I feel like I could do something in the future for my town and my people”

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