‘’Ihsan relief and development’’ within its emergency response to the displaced families and persons, in cooperation with the United Nations International Children emergency fund UNICEF, is providing shelter camps spread in the north of Syria, from Hama and Idlib suburbs till western Aleppo suburb with drinking water tanks which is enough for 10,000 families per day, by 1250 cubic meters.

Also, water department team in the organization is repairing and rehabilitating two water stations in Sarakeb and Baynin towns providing them with fuel for work.

‘’Providing water to camps is essential for the lives of people living in the most difficult circumstances, not only for drinking, water is essential to improve hygiene, especially in the case of displacement ‘’

Access to Water not easy for everyone in Syria1

Engineer Mohammed - responsible for the project in the water department-Ihsan organization.

Besides to usable water secure, the organization team is working to improve hygiene in the camps through the distribution of garbage containers and cleaning holes also toilet construction and garbage collection and take them to the dumps away from the camps.

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