Spirit Organization worked on organizing trainings and workshops in cooperation with many of civil organization, the aim is exchanging expertise and supporting the staff of these organizations in Idlib suburb, Aleppo suburbs, and Daraa area…because of the increasing need for the humanitarian workers during the war.

Implementing Capacity Building trainings & Workshops2

The training works within a general framework to enable the cadres to understand the field problems and accept the community in addition to the correct behavior during work.

"Spirit plays a full training and logistical role in implementing these training, starting with the choice of training place and equipped it with the necessary logistical services to distributing the certificates at the end of each training " Gaith Daher (Capacity Building and Livelihoods Program manager, Spirit).

Security and safety training and first aid, Remote management, and Dissemination the principles of protection in the water, sanitation and shelter sector launched separately in the Idlib suburbs and Azaz - Aleppo besides Daraa.

Implementing Capacity Building trainings & Workshops3

In addition to Training the cadres of the Syrian Civil Defense in Daraa and Idlib provinces as part of a training workshop that included principles of management and project management, communication and communication skills, alternative energy, journalism and media principles besides montage and editing techniques.

"The trainings are carried out our main offices in Aldana, Maarat Al-Numaan in Idlib suburbs, and Alatareb in Aleppo, in addition to communication and implementation staff in Azaz and Daraa before being occupied by the regime forces’’ Daher.

Implementing Capacity Building trainings & Workshops

As that, under "Kafwa" project one of Kesh Malek Organization projects, Spirit was responsible for managing trainigs target women who wish to develop careers and seek humanitarian and civil society job.

The unique (Kafwa) project - Project for Kesh Malek - , took place in Aldana and Ezaz besides Daraa, but we had to move Daraa project after the regime occupation to (Salken) community in Idlib, new to us and to KeshMalek, but the best results achieved there’’ Gaith Daher.

The project trainings included the axes of international law and the principles of humanitarian work, general management and projects management PMD, monitoring and evaluation, accounting within organizations, besides to training of trainers TOT.



  1. That’s a great work, keep going guys, we are supporting you.

    we are wishing to you to reach/export the Humanitarian Workers voices to the external world and to the international media agencies.

    Thank you all for this efforts, and we are looking to see new activities updates for NGOs published here.

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