A protest organized by the Youth Of Change Foundation in the city of Khan al-Asal in the western Aleppo. With a number of civil bodies, on the second anniversary of the forced displacement of the residents of Aleppo city by the Syrian regime forces and its loyal militias with the support of Russian air forces.

The event attended by displaced people from many Syrian cities. They formed a human chain in the direction of Aleppo. And carried banners and pictures of the various cities that have been subjected to forced displacement.  The event aimed to remind and affirm the right of return of all displaced citizens to their cities and homes. where they were driven out by force of arms and missiles.

Youth Of Change is an organization working in the governorate of Idlib and Western Aleppo. for an efficient civil society capable of change and decision-making. Through networking programs and self-sufficiency projects in addition to campaigns and training.

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