The Stabilization Committee. in cooperation with LDSPS, launched a series of training workshops. The workshops aimed to develop the local councils’ performance. And building the capacity of their cadres. To plan and manage the projects of each council and region in northeastern Aleppo.

The workshops axes focused on the financial and procurement policies of the councils and their projects. As well as strategic planning, human resource management, monitoring, and evaluation. The workshop held at the Azzaz and Dabiq centers. Over 30 days of targeting and attended by 100 trainees from 10 councils.

The training is followed by consultative sessions. During these sessions, the training team conducted periodic visits to the councils. In order to provide them with the necessary consultation, access to new project proposals and evaluation of human resource policy and financial policy.

It is worth mentioning that the Stabilization Committee recently launched a small grants project. This project targeted 25 local councils in the eastern and northern suburbs of Aleppo. besides the 10 councils of ( Kaljibrin, Tilalyan, East Mare, Arshaf, Baruza, Dabiq, Turkman Bareh, Rael, Baraghida, Ihtaimlat). These councils that have been trained will also be among the beneficiaries of that project.

Stabilization Committee is a committee emanating from the Aleppo Free Council in November 2015. Works mainly to support local councils and form new local councils. And raise their capacities through participatory projects.

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