A new, joint civil society-led campaign about the COVID-19- Pandemic was launched between Harmoun center and The Syrian Revolutionary Cluster, across north Syrian towns, namely amongst the displaced population.

Female and male activists and volunteers scattered across the camps and homes distributing “health baskets” including face masks, cleaning materials, and pamphlets illustrating the precautionary measures that ought to be followed.

The campaign amid to enhance the hygienic capacity to the north-Syria dwellers who lack economic ability to afford to buy extra amounts of cleaning substance, let alone ignorance about the risks of respiratory disease.

Although various similar campaigns have been launched on the same token, however, there is a large segment of the impoverished population that has not yet been reached.

Nonetheless, the majority of the population namely displaced one, lack sustained clean water resources, let alone sanitation they need to maintain health and hygienic.

According to the Action Against Hunger report. Throughout the country, 15.5 million Syrians lack adequate access to clean water. Across north Syria, A portion of 27% of households spends as much as one-fifth of their income on water from tankers.