At the end of last month, Violet organization held in north-western Syria’s camps at Kafar Yahmol village a sport championship event for the camps’ children between 5 and 14 years old.

The event launched a series of vivid games that aims to raise children’s awareness through entertaining activities about Covid-19 and to protect themselves by washing up and keeping themselves clean.

Maintaining social distancing measures as instructed by the organizers, the children played the games bearing the importance of personal safety keeping two meters far from one another.

Children would have to clean their hands for example, when the whistle of the referee goes on, and wear gloves and head mask before starting the race game. On the race track, coronavirus is depicted through two men wearing costumes that try to hold the participants from reaching the race end, while two other men depicting the hygienic and cleaning persons would assist the children from the viruses’ symbol to reach the end.

At the end of the Olympic, all children received prizes and gifts