Olive Branch Organization launched a pack of training and courses in several areas in northern Syria. The courses included training and capacity building for more than 50 male and female teachers. As part of the organization's aims to open new training centers. To help children obtaining their right in education.

the training included five days course about the reality of the child's environment in everyday life. To identify the interests of children and their concerns. And fix their problems. In addition to providing the cadres with the necessary experience to deal with the children. As these children are in need of psychological support in wartime. And the reality of their displacement or loss of some relatives or exposure to disability.

Building the Capacity of Educational Cadre1

The organization also held training for center cadres in Kallali, Hzano, and Kaften towns. The training focused on education difficulties. Besides another training targeted 24 psychological support facilitator. In order to identify the facilitator role. Along with techniques to prepare the activities. And how to deliver key messages to children.

Olive Branch nonprofit civil organization. Works in protection, education and live hoods sectors. launched a few days ago nine self-education centers in Idlib province. To provide educational services for dropped out children from ages 7 to 17.

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