Space of Hope Organization launched “Strengthen the Will of Living Together” project. Through building communication bridges between hosting and displaced communities. As part of it’s community cohesion activities. Aimed to discard discrimination between them. And strengthen the refugees role in decision making process.

The project is based on forming three joint committees. Include hosted and displaced members within three categories dignitaries, women, and youth. Each committee consist from 14 member with observer member of the local council.

These committees work on identifying social needs and problems. As a conscious rule works to take part in strengthening community cohesion. Through training on citizenship concepts. and the responsibilities of both hosted and displaced people among each other. Along with small project management training.

Also discuss the most important problems that hinder the process of community engagement with each committee on its own. As part of intensive workshops to suggest the workable solutions. Through small projects and supported campaigns up to 3,750 € for each group.

The local council plays a key role in the project. Besides to observation role through youth offices and women empowerment. The local council creates effective communication with society segment. Along with facilitating the work of the committees and their activities. Through providing the necessary reference and consultation.

Space of Hope is a civil community organization. Founded in Aleppo city in July 2012. As part of the Syrian civil community vision. Believes in responsibilities and safeguarding rights. Works in education and protection field, livelihoods and community development.


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