Child protection team at "Spring of life Association" for childhood and development. Launched public and personal hygiene activity for children. The activity -as reported by the Center- was on the scientific, practical and moral principles which aim to aware children about the need for personal hygiene care and regular check-ups. Also focused on the role of the doctor as a friend of children through the visit to some hospitals and medical dispensaries and meeting with the medical staff to grab fear out of them when they meet doctors.

The activity also focused on the individual role and his responsibility in keeping the environment clean. By spreading the idea of recycling and use of waste in useful things such as decoration.

Challenging The Displacement Circumstances (2)

"Spring of life for Childhood and Development Association". established in Eastern Ghouta in 2013 to which deals with children's educational, social and psychological affairs. Besides providing support and rehabilitation for women in extreme conditions. The association moved its activities to the north of Syria as a result of forced displacement. Its centers are spread in Ma’aret Masrin, Salkin, and Darkush in Idlib. And a center in Ezaz city north of Aleppo.

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