Darna Educational Institute provides plenty of free educational sessions in basic subjects for the students from primary till secondary stages. The center located at Maaret Anoumaan, Idlib.

The institute specialized educational staff follows modern strategies in teaching math, physics, chemistry, Arabic and English language. Besides entertainment, and educational activities for the student.

According to the institute data, The success rate for high school students for this year was 66% from 750 students attending the institute.

Working on the Next Generations2

The institute services are part of “Darna Center’’ projects. Darna center works on child protection and psychosocial support along with education. Through peacebuilding training team Darna Center provides psychosocial support activities within protection project targeting kids between 6 to 12 years old. In a child-friendly space, to help the child to integrate into the social environment and enhance moral values. Also works on discharge negative emotion gained from instability and insecure environment.

Working on the Next Generations3

The team also worked on responding to forced displaced cases by visiting shelters and provide support and activities to kids there. 800 kid are beneficiaries from the center projects within friendly spaces. Besides 100 kids in the outdoor activities according to the center data.

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