“I’m She Network ’’ launched in Idlib city an open discussion forum about violence and discrimination against female detainees and survival on the local level. The discussion attended by 10 women and 6 men. During the discussion, the attendance created working groups to determine the reasons for violence and discrimination on the local and national level. Besides the violence and discrimination effect on detained \ survivals women.

The network is seeking through organizing discussion forums to achieve several goals. Starting with, supporting women leadership and efforts in leading society. And create a space for discussion between the participated parties in the forum. In addition to determining violence and discrimination types against female detained\survivals on the local and national levels. And finally, determine the problems and the challenges that face women when relatives got arrested. This forum considered one of the four forums launched by the network in Ihsem, Atma in Idlib, and Attrib city in Aleppo.

Recommendations will come out from this forum and will be presented in Space for cooperation conference. The first “Space for Cooperation” conference held in Turkey in the year 2017 with the attendance of opposition bodies and the Syrian coalition and international representatives who are advocating and working on the arbitrary detention cause.

I am She Network founded in 2013. Seeking an effective role for the woman in the political, social, and cultural lives.

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