As part of its objective to find friendly space for the youth “Souryan Alamal Team”. Within “Samira Khalil” project which is working on knowledge, participation, and meeting. Suryana Al Amal Team finished the third training ” Leadership and Decision Making” as part of soft skills chain. The soft skills chain included three workshops. Communication skills and self-presenting, community participation, and leadership and decision making. Leadership and decision making training attended by 18 people, 7 women, and 11 men.

Side of the Workshop

The importance of this training lies in being proper for youth needs. And helps on building their skills and abilities to be active in the community. This training also worked on building an aware, capable, lead generation. And helped the youth to own skills in communication with all community sectors. And to be able to merge between various social and cultural environments. This training used in many activities (simulation-brain storming-working groups-conclusions). And receive a huge positive interaction from the audience and acceptance from the community. Especially that this training considered in this period as an alternative education for youth.

Suryana Al Amal team is a youth team founded in early 2015. With the efforts of 12 male and female youth in Ezaz city northern Aleppo.  As a result of the need to activate the youth role in the community.

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