Syrian Women Forum in Srakeb city in the middle of Idlib province. in cooperation with Development Network for Women Empowerment. Launched an awareness campaign under the name “Education seekers not wives’’. To reduce early marriage phenomenon. which increased during the conflict. And due to the control of some militant factions along with the old social legacies.

The campaign that started on the 17th of November. The first activity included field visits to the intermediate and secondary schools. To conduct awareness sessions for female students. The forum team also was explaining the campaign items for women cadres either teachers, emergency team or parents  in Srakeb city. Besides painting a graffiti about the campaign and its goals.

The campaign that targeted 700 girls directly. Beside the beneficiaries in public awareness campaigns. The campaign ended with medical session Submitted by Dr.Batoul Al Halak. And psychological session submitted by Professor Hussien Barish. The sessions were about the physical and psychological effects on girls because of early marriage.

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