Free Syrian Lawyers Gathering launched a number of lectures and law seminars. In order to raise the legal and rights cultural. Especially for women in small communities. The project conducted in cooperation with Women Empowerment Office in Has Town Idlib.

Where the jurist Nasra Al Araj conducted a seminar at "I am human". The seminar explained the convention of the rights of the Child. The convention was agreed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1959. Then got adopted unanimously in 1989.

During the seminar, she outlined through the articles of the agreement. Which consisted of 54 article includes the child rights in all life sectors. And states about child protection and their rights in a non-negotiable way.

Within the same context, Ms. Al Araj gave a lecture titled "The constitution and its functions".  The seminar attended by 15 women. And discussed the total written and unwritten rules that organize the principles of the community. And the authority of political fractions, which are all represented by the constitution. Along with functions of organizing the state affairs and conduct it.

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