Spirit Organization launched a qualitative project aimed to support and enhance the capabilities of women inside Syria. Through a series of advanced training programs in the journalism and media. To empower the participated women to secure their own income as media and communication specialists at the end of the project.

Empower the Women Fingerprint in Journalism and Media 3

The project targeted 100 trainees in three groups. The first was in Atareb, Aleppo western suburbs, and two groups in Maarat al-Numaan, Idlib. The training focused on the basic principles of journalism and media.

And after the completion of this training, the best 33 trainees will be selected to complete the advanced training stage. Based on the results of the tests, evaluation, and interviews. The advanced training will include specialized materials in the media production and what included with it from reports and correspondence besides press photography.

In the final stage of the project, trainees will be distributed to 11 media teams. Each one includes a media producer, reporter, and photographer. Equipped with professional equipment to be able to have a significant impact on the target communities. And highlight all publications that must be published to the public through the production of reports and professional information materials. In addition to job opportunities that Spirit organization works in cooperation with its partners.

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