Women’s and Childcare Office in Mar’ayan village, in Idlib. Concluded the work of Female Youth Community Club. The club carried the slogan “You are The Life and The Peace”. The final activity was a seminar about “Early Marriage”.

The seminar covered the physical and psychological harm of early marriage on the underage girls. And supervised by the trainer Rehab Daadouche. Targeted 15 young female from the village.

The female youth club is a public project for women’s and child care offices in Jabal Alzawieh in partnership with A Lightning of Hope Organization. Each office conducted a special campaign carried out and organized by a group of girls in the village. The campaigns focused on a topic related to the category of adolescents. And the problems they face in the community. Through several seminars and lectures for each campaign.

The Billion’s village office launched a campaign called “I want my full rights”. The campaign aimed to achieve gender equality. And in Ihsim also the young women of the village launched “Watani Mallazi”. Which means “My Home is My heaven” campaign. Aimed to encourage displaced youth to return to their home county. And in Al-Maghara village the women launched “Awareness of the dangers of the Internet” campaign. ِAnd how to manage its use and risks on children. ِِAnd the “Basic Education” campaign in the office of Kansafra village. Aimed to highlight the deteriorating conditions of the schools. Finally the “family violence” campaign in the office of Kaferhaya village. Aimed to reach safe houses for the children. By increasing community awareness and introducing types of domestic violence.

Women’s Offices and Child Care is a women’s gather established as a voluntary initiative. Spread throughout the villages and towns of Jabal Al zawieh. The offices work to support and develop the capacities of women besides child care. These offices operate without any actual support from 1-4-2017.

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