In order to highlight the handicap children situation. Child Protection Network organized  “Handicaps Children Marathon” Festival. At Bab al Hawa passage on the Syrian-Turkish border.

The festival targeted children who have lost their ability to walk because of war. And children with physical disabilities from birth. To integrate them with healthy children. And to send a message to the world that these children are able to enjoy life and participate in society. The festival included 300m running race between the Syrian side to the Turkish side.

300 Children participated in the festival. And enjoyed a special entertainment activity. Besides a play that highlighted the work of the protection committees of Hurras network and its development.

Bab al Hawa crossing was chosen for the festival, according to the Child Protection Network, because of the availability of large roads to serve a large number of children at the same time. in addition to the availability of safety standards supervised by the crossing management.

Hurras Network is a civil organization. Started as a group that specializes in psychosocial support and child protection in 2012 in Daraya. It works to build a safe and happy childhood environment within the rights and freedoms set forth in the convention on the rights of the child

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