“Land and Property Rights” is a legal awareness conducted by Spirit organization. The project aimed to raise social awareness about the rights of properties and housing. According to the organization, The project will contribute to reducing the conflict between forced displaced communities and host communities in north-western Syria.
The project aimed to cover 10080 people from the direct beneficiaries. In addition to 180 indirect beneficiaries. The indirect beneficiaries presenting the local authorities stakeholders and the community leaders. These beneficiaries reached within the project activities in Aldana- Srmada- Idlib city- Ezazz- Alatareb -Albab cities.
The activities divided into capacity building workshops and training. These workshops targeted limited liability and civil documentation stakeholders. Besides interviewing people working civil and human rights fields. The goal of these interviews was to collect information to determine the percentage of legal awareness of property rights and information related to how to assist displaced and host communities. Moreover to legal awareness sessions for families representatives either hosted or displaced. Finally, the project worked on the formation of committees consisting of 5 members belonging to different civil sectors to be the main reference in the referral of conflict issues between society members.

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