Gurras Alamal Voluntary Team. Launched entertainment party for handicaps in Maarat al-Numaan southern Idlib. The event conducted on the World day for people with special needs. The ceremony attended by civil and media figures and the children families.

The event aimed to bring joy to the hearts of handicap children and reduce the stress they suffer because of the difficult conditions they are living.

International Day of Persons with Disabilities4
International Day of Persons with Disabilities2

The activity consisted of an entertainment show where a group of girls performed a dancing show. Ended by flowers distribution by girls to the handicap children according to MS. Zakaa Toma –Gurras Alamal center manager.

Gurras Alamal center, founded in June 2017. With a volunteer cadre. The center now accommodating 40 handicap children and 250 cases outside the center.

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