The Day After Organization organized a dialogue session attended by jurists and activists in Maarat al-Numaan, Idlib. To discuss The Law No. 10 issued by the Syrian regime and the risks behind its implementation.

Law No. 10 issued in April the 2nd 2018. It gives the right to the Syrian authorities to confiscate the personal property and real states. In case they are not verified by their owners in the regime courts.  This entails the confiscation of all properties of the oppositions and forcibly displaced. Since they live in the liberated areas or out of the country.

Law No. 10 & Its Risks Seminar2

During the seminar, the attendees discussed a research paper prepared by The Day After. And highlighted the serious timing of issuing this law and its definition in the international law. Also shared some of the audience suggestions. Including the international advocacy role to prevent implementing such like hateful laws. And working on organizing law body to protect the displaced rights.

The Day After is a non-governmental organization. Started its work in 2012. Works on securing a peaceful and secure transition of power in Syria. And it focuses on the rule of law, transitional justice, constitutional and electoral reforms issues, and protection of the Syrian cultural heritage. And to keep Syria as a unified and generous country.

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