A single initiative to build and equip “Special Needs Center in Ourem Alkoubra“. The initiative came from Mahmoud Al Shami who belongs himself to the people with special needs. It saw the light through the local council in Ourm alkobra, Aleppo. With the support of “Social Safty & Justice’’ project known as “Ajakes”. The center aims to take care of people with special needs. Whom still suffering from the social and governmental marginalization. In addition to the scourge of war and displacement which added to their numbers a lot.

“I took over the center as a volunteer manager after equipping it at the beginning of 2018. At that time the search journey started to find entities to support and cover the operating expenses and daily requirements for 198 registered case inside the center. And we did not receive any response till this moment”. Mahmoud Al Shami- the center manager.

The center with his humble cadre was able to provide psychosocial recreational support session for children once a week. Along with two sessions per week to teach sign language and pronunciation for deaf and mute children. conducted by two experienced teachers voluntary. Where the weather and the local circumstances control their presence from nearby towns. Besides to recent coordination between the center’s management and physiotherapist. To provide free physiotherapy sessions for many disability cases once a week.

The financial circumstances and lack of support are threatening the continuation of the center. And closing its doors in the face of every needy person with special needs. Which already marginalized, especially after the increasing and variety of cases numbers. In particular in the town that accommodates big number from displaced and refugees.

“we are suffering at the simplest levels. We don’t have the minimum levels of necessary heating at this time. And all we wish for is to the center including the patients and needy people. Whom are exhausted from poverty and war to find a contribution to relive them’’ Alshami

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