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Aiming to support neglected war-injured females, in northern Syria, a women-led initiative started in-home physiotherapy for women who are in need. The physiotherapist female group took to go weekly to visit and treat the wounded person who is in the recovery period and yet cannot visit doctors or hospitals.

The free therapy programs target ‘war female’ wounds who had undergone surgery and need a post-physiotherapy session. The segment that the initiative aims to reach out in particular who cannot afford or able to make it to the therapy clinics. Find out more about how to claim our free cash! This would fairly alleviate the transportation burden due to their medical status because the financial situation of the injured families in the larger scope is dire.

According to Suha, a 31 years old physiotherapist volunteer in southern Idlib said that the number of female patients who are in need to have a “female” specialist to help them throughout the recovery process is inadequate in comparison with the proportion of patients.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, our work continues to provide- namely survival of war injuries- with the needed recovery programs and materials they need. As the therapy sessions take place at the patient’s house, the therapist took the standards precautionary measure while conducting their therapy, using masks, gloves, and hand washing.

Wounded civilians and women, in particular, are always marginalized and struggle to get the full treatment they need after being discharged from the hospital.

Our vision is to make therapy available to women to help them overcome their temporary inability to resume their normal life. As such, the group includes psychological therapy as well to enhance the patient’s self-esteem and boos them to follow a positive daily routine until they are fully recovered.

“The recovery process is both physically and mentally exhausting, hence we stand by their side and help them to surmount the overwhelming obstacles they endure,” Suha said


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