Since its establishment in 2011, WATAN has focused on training and qualifying civil society organizations’ worker in various fields of community work and philanthropy in specialized fields.

WATAN aims to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to help build disaster preparedness and provide basic emergency skills by preparing neighborhood and community-based organizations to reduce the impact of disasters and help save lives.

Part of the Training

As part of this launched a training about logistic management in civil community organizations. The training took place in northern Idlib suburbs Hzano area. And attended by 13 trainees working in the civil society fields. Aimed to raise the workers’ capacities in operation and logistical management sector in the civil community organizations

The training included several topics. The trainees learned through it to deal with challenges they will face in supplying and sourcing progress. Besides to explain the procurement committee, stock management, and storages. The training also focused on new principles in logistical science. Taking in consideration the importance of logistics management in non-profit organizations. the role of it in future planning.

Watan is a civil society organization founded in 2011. Works on creating a comprehensive renaissance in the Syrian community.

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