After the huge drop out of schools in Northern Syria. Due to the shelling and forced displacement, as a big number of children were drooped out from school desks. And in order to return them to their schools and reunite them with their students’ peers. “Olive branch” Organization opened several educational centers named “self-education” in Idlib province.

The project targeted children from age 6 to 17 years old. Within many conditions which can determine their need for education. During the project, the priority will be to drop out of schools for a long time. The project implemented through the study stage estimated for four and a half months. With specialized educational curriculums and under the supervision of experienced educational cadre.

Student in self-education centers

The curriculum was prepared with the supervision of specialized teachers and in an easy and proper way for children. It included four basic subjects which are Math, Arabic language, Science, and English language besides to psychological support.

The number of centers  Olive branch opened are nine centers. The centers covered Maartmsren towns, Tftanaz, Ihsim, Maartahrma, kfarnbl, Kfroma, Hesh, Khan shikhon, Al tamanaa, and the number of children in these centers is around three thousands children. covering the educational stages from grade one till grade six.

Students in self-education center

Olive branch organization had similar project earlier distributed on (Mardekh –Kfrlata –Mardbsa – Jobas – Mureetalnuman – Jrjnaz – Afes). And the targeted 2000 children from 6 to 17 years old and the educational stages from grade one till grade nine. The teaching cadres where chosen carefully and in high quality on three stages. As the education department did contest included two written and verbal tests. Then a final interview in the organization done by a specialized committee.

During now there is no accurate statistics for dropped out students in Idlib province. But the estimated is 50% to 70% in general. These numbers might increase or decrease according to the areas and the available centers in every location. According to The Directorate of Education in Idlib. And the organization is seeking to expand its projects’ range to reach more possible areas.

Olive Branch is a nonprofit civic organization. Works in protection, education and live hoods sectors.

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