The Emergency Cluster Response conducted a workshop with a wide range of volunteer groups team’s leader in northern Syria in Atma town, Idlib, near Turkish borders.

Thirty volunteer team leaders represented their groups, took part in a lengthy discussion session concerning the group’s work, and the challenges and barriers that are emerging and desisting the volunteering groups work.



The team leaders brainstormed solutions to issues such as relief actors’ disorganization and lack of memoranda that unite stakeholders’ deeds and organize their ground endeavors.

During the meeting, a lecture was held by D. Waheb Khador, a humanitarian expert, explaining the fundamental principles and mechanisms that international aid organizations uphold.



The meeting’s outputs reflected a positive attitude among the groups’ participants. Dullama Ali, manager at the cluster, indicated that the groups agreed to work towards unity aiming for the higher good of the society.

For this sake, an executive council will be created to establish a central body that will articulate a code of conduct of humanitarian work that all groups adhere to its principles.


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