Children of one world organization launched a children activity in Sarmada Northern Idlib countryside. The activity aimed to provide psychological support for the children and integrate the displaced children in the host community, mainly after the huge number of displaced people following the Russian and Assad’s military campaign against Idlib and Aleppo.

Part of the activity

Ahmad Hamsho, the activity supervisor explained the activity “we implement the activity in a primary school in Sarmada, Idlib. The activity targeted thirty children from the hosting and displaced communities,” speaking of the positive impact of these activities Alhamsho added “the most important objective of this activity is to reduce the negative effects of war on children, especially in the displacement and shelling circumstances, which may affect their relations with the others, and as a result, it will have negative impact on the child in school,” 

Part of the activity

During the last Russian and Assad military campaign against Idlib and Aleppo countrysides which resulted  – until writing this article – more than 900 thousand displaced civilians the vast majority of them are children, the child protection and psychological support organizations are working at their best to rehabilitate and integrate the children in the society under extremely difficult situations.

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