Activists and civic figures organized a protest for in the Martyrs Square in the center of Kefrnabal. The protest was against the assassination of activists Raed Al-Fares and Hamoud Junaid on Friday noon.
"We came out today with this vigil because of the deterioration of the security conditions. And the result of the security chaos in our city" said Ahmed, one of the protesters.
The protesters raised many signs and slogans. As Kefranbel always did and known for. The signs were condemning the assassination and the state of instability in the security of the city.
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The protest soon turned into a mass demonstration that roamed the streets of the city against Alnusra front that controlling the city. And demanded it to reveal the perpetrators of the crime.
"We demanded Alnusra front to leave the city as a result of recent assassinations. Because they cannot protect civilians, and because they are the only military force that is capable of such a killing," said Ahmed

Al Nasra Front, or currently known as the Sham Liberation "Tahrir Alsham. Located Kafranbel city as a military force controlling the city since 2016. During this period the city faced many repressive practices. Besides the exclusion of several civil and media organizations operating in the city. As well as arbitrary arrests of activists and active civil figures in the community.

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