Types of violence against women

Economic violence:

  • Cutting off the expenses of women and letting her unable to meet economic needs
  • Control her belongings without her permission
  • Depriving her of work

Physical violence:

The use of any physical power that leads to harm her or threatening her wellbeing. Including all kinds of beating, either slight or aggressive. Or any other method of abuse such as the use of a white weapon as a stick.

Any threat of harm to women, or threatening her children or any member of her family

Psychological violence

Some people believe that psychological violence does not exist because it does not leave a tangible impact, but psychological and emotional violence have a short and long-term effect on the violent person.

Insulting and trying to intimidate, isolate and control her, it is often followed by physical violence

Insulting and cursing at the woman, the use of obscene words which have an effect on her dignity besides ridicule and undermine her.

Sexual violence

  • The physical sexual harassment, or any attempt to attack the woman's body or try to touch her without her well.
  • Forcing a woman to sexual acts without her desire. Rape falls under this category.
  • Verbal harassment or any comment on women's clothing or shape and behavior, or any types of mocking with sexual connotations. Besides getting very close to her without leaving a safe distance.

Social violence:

Any pressure practiced by society on women only because of her gender.

Judging her by her appearance. Or any reason of their own. Besides imposes a certain lifestyle on her.

limiting her freedom and movement, or restricting her from social relations and depriving her of social visits and imprisoning her at home.

Depriving woman of going to school or education.

Political violence:

Political violence is the exposure of woman to violence by the ruling power whether in time of peace or war. The authorities should fight such violence and not invoke traditions and religion to avoid their duty to eradicate it.

Depriving women of their rights of expression and political participation

Imprisoning, torturing or killing her because of her political opinion

How do we stand against violence against woman?

  • Raising awareness about the violence against women
  • Raising the children to respect the woman and educating them to treat woman and girls the way the like other to treat them
  • Empowering the non-violence culture and spreading in the community. And educating it that the violence is the weak person weapon and it’s an indicator of weakness.
  • Building consulting centers. It could be private and respect the privacy of the consulting woman.

How do you react in case of violence?

  • Say no to any act you are not willing to do.
  • Ask the violent person to stop. Or ask for help from any person you trust.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask people in the street in case anyone stepped to block your way.
  • Divorce is not a shame if it saves dignity.

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