With the support and training of Suryana Amal, a group of activists launched ‘’We Trust You’’ campaign in Azaz city-Aleppo, Which aims to highlight the participation of women in society and raise the level of female qualification in the region.

We Trust You 2

The campaign first activities were Dialogue session on the concept of discrimination and ’’Cedwa’’ agreement (Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women), attended by 20 women invited by campaign organizers.

The campaign, which was launched on 5-10-2018, is the second phase of an activity organized by the Suryana Al Amal Center within its program "Advocacy" with the support of DAWLATY organization.

The activity consists of two phases. The first is to train a group of women through a series of political education and advocacy for women's rights, then support them with simple funding to conduct a campaign linked to their training.

Suryana Al Amal, a young civil group started in 2015 in Azaz city -Aleppo, works in the north of Syria on three programs: familiarity, advocacy, participation.

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