A modern educational project called "Self-Education" launched by the Olive Branch Organization with the aim of empowering and enabling students from 7 to 17 years old of basic science and basic knowledge. In addition to students who passed this age without completing their education

Self-educartion a New Solution for Better Future

"The idea of self-education project is to return the children to schools that they left because of displacement or were dropped off for any other reason." Project coordinator inside Syria.

The project is based on seven centers opened by the organization in Kafarlata, Jarjanaz, Maarat al-numaan, Maar dbseh, Tal Mrdekh, Abis, Jobas towns - distributed in Idlib province, northern Syria.

A special curriculum designed for these centers that does not contradict the curriculum adopted in public schools, in addition to distributing bags and books of self-education for the primary and intermediate level for nearly 2001 students distributed to the seven centers.

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