Give me a Chance Youth Gather. launched a training course in curricula vitae and job interviews. After conducting an evaluation survey. The gather witnessed a huge problem facing the well-educated youth and scientific degrees holders. Due to the lack of job opportunities. In Northern Syria. The training aimed to guide the youth and develop their self promoting capabilities.

The course held in Atma camps. And targeted 19 trainees. supervised by giving me a chance gather manager Ayman Mustafa. Mr. Ayman said: “we seek through this trainings to guide the educated and scientific degrees holders in the right direction. Each one according to his/her skills and certificates. In order to benefit from these experiences. And activating them in society building along with reducing the unemployment rate”.

The training also included a discussion about getting a job opportunity. Starting with writing and collate curricula vitae in the right way. And guidance toward the right direction according to the experience and competence. Besides to addressing motivational messages and its objectives and components. And finally,  job interviews and its stages and preparations for its common questions.

Give me a chance youth gather for capacity building. A youth initiative aims to establish training courses targets the educated youth.

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