In the third week of March, a social awareness campaign was launched about Covid-19 hazardous risks, led by medicine and pharmacy faculty students volunteer group from Aleppo Free university in North-Western Syria.

Approximately 220 students took part in the campaign who scattered across the camps and towns, including Idlib city, raising locals’ awareness about Coronavirus fetal risks and the precautionary measures people ought to take in order to avoid catching the respiratory virus, and the symptoms of the infected persons as well.



Part of the campaign


Marah Lata, 24 years old medical students and team leader at the campaign said that the main motive they had to ‘independently’

organize this initiative was driven by the responsibility students felt and obligation as Syria’s future doctors and pharmacists towards our societies.

“People across northern Syria lack sources of knowledge, and struggle from a high level of ignorance concerning unhealthily and unhygienic consequences.”

“It is our duty to share knowledge with those who lack and help with the minimal capacity and resources that we have.”




The idea came after a meeting between students who gathered at the beginning of the health crisis and brainstormed ideas to assist the local medical and NOGs due to the compelling needs.

The youth campaigners distributed pamphlets and undertook surveys about the level of knowledge people have about public health and hygiene.

Besides, the graduation year medical students establish an ‘infection supervision committee’ to observe the virus’ status and keep evaluating the needs for future campaigns in the future if the pandemic continues to develop.


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