Ghazal for Training and Development Center. In cooperation with Namaa Humanitarian Organization launched mosaic art exhibition in Hass town southern Idlib province.

The exhibition held in Habka Youth Center. Aimed to revive the mosaic art and drawing. This art has recently declined due to the war. By presenting the artwork of 30 women. These women previously underwent a training course lasted for three months. The training held by Ghazal center in regular bases in favor for women and wives of detainees and martyrs in particular.

Reviving Mosaic Art in Idlib

"We held a training course for martyr’s women in Kafranabel city southern Idlib. The training lasted for three months. And at the end of the training, we presented the participants' paintings through the training period". Said Ahmed Adnan al Dani the manager of Ghazal center.

The exhibition included paintings reflected the people reality in northern Syria. Besides portraits of influential figures in the community. Such as activist Raed Al Fares, who was assassinated in Kafranabel city last week.

Reviving Mosaic Art in Idlib2

The Syrian Mosaic is the art of grafting wood with silver or ivory shells. which is rooted in Damascus city. Mosaic art was famous in Idlib as well. Especially in Kafarnabl, which considered one of the most important sources of the mosaic in the Arab countries.

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