Women Empowerment Office in Hass, in the south of Idlib province, launched general women's seminar on the role and participation of women in political and administrative life. Mr. Mansour Al-atassi general secretary of the democratic left party gave a presentation on the political role of women throughout history. And the importance of their participation in various spheres of life as a maker of educated generations, and the importance of their role in social and political life, including political parties formation.

Young Girls Aspire to be Active in the Political or Administrative Sphere2

The seminar attended by 56 women from the town, heeded by public call launched by the office, Most of them the least have a secondary school certificate.

Fayha Shawash women empowerment office manager in Hass, - I am human gather -  have said ‘’they are young girls who aspire to be active in the political or administrative sphere, they always like to develop themselves, and need the field to have the opportunity to develop in an organized way”.

This seminar, which held at I am human center on the third of this month in Hass town considers as the beginning of a series of exercises in the administrative and political field launched by the office. Shawash said.

Women Empowerment Office in HASS, Established in 2016 has 40 members, working within a general vision of reaching a society where women enjoy all their rights through cultural, economic, psychological and professional empowerment.


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