A number of activities and workers in the journalism and media field. Launched a seminar in the cultural center in Alraei town northern Aleppo. The seminar subject was "The importance of media in the Syrian revolution". The Seminar focused on the essential role that the media in spreading and highlighting the Syrian revolution. And the importance of exporting it out as a fair cause for the Syrian people.

Media and Journalism Role in Syrian Revolution2

One of the important topics was talking about the mistakes that the journalist made during the revolution. And the negative use of the camera according to the organizers. The second important topic was finding a unified mechanism of action to overcome these mistakes.

Those two topics were the reasons for conducting this seminar. Besides proposing the most important topics that should be highlighted by the media. And would raise the balance of the issue globally.

Media and Journalism Role in Syrian Revolution3

The seminar also discussed through an interaction participation from the audience, the revolutionary media situation in the liberated areas. And the civil activities and the independent press that accompanies it. And focused on the gender equality between journalists in the media institutions within civil work.

The discussion ended by stressing the need for media professionals and journalists to handle their responsibilities in dealing with the issue of the Syrian people. As a fair issue willing to build a better future. And working on developing media institutions inside Syria working on a global professional level.

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